07 August 2014

Lifestyle | Paris

I finally got to go to a place I have wanted to go to for so long, PARIS. It was exactly how I imagined. Bistros on every street corner, people on tables huddled together eating amazing pastries, and sipping most possibly the best coffee I have ever tasted. 
Shop windows full to the brim with cakes, fresh bread and pastries.

picture of french cafe

The stunning architecture has you stopping at pretty much every street. The city just oozes class, and feels so chic. For such a busy and fast moving city, the Parisians I found are laid back, and on the hole very lovely and friendly. A lot of people asked about what it was like there, so I thought I would write a post about my experience and some hints, and tips we figured out along the way. To get about we found the Metro the quickest, cheapest and the most efficient way. (Airport to central Paris 19 euro for 2 adults)

When we wasn't on the Metro we walked to all the places we wanted to go, with the stunning architecture and beautiful weather the tourist hop on, hop off bus, or taxis just didn't appeal to us. But I can imagine the bus to be really handy in the more colder months. When we do go back, we will 100% be doing the river cruise, it looked so relaxing, and a lovely way to see Paris from a different perspective.

The majority of the tourist attractions are on the river, so if you just follow that then you are sure to see some beautiful sites. Some well known, and some not so well known. We started at the Notre Dame as we was staying around the corner and walked down the river past the Pont Des Arts (Love Lock Bridge), and then onto the Eiffel Tower.

The prices when eating out and drinking can differ hugely from restaurant to bar.  A pint of lager in one was 15 euro, two streets down a restaurant that was like-for- like, well a pint was 7 euro. So I was glad we explored, and figured that restaurants and bar prices vary, on a pretty large scale.

We was staying in central Paris (Chatelet) That is home to the biggest underground station in the world. When we was a little confused on the Metro, Parisians would come over and ask us where we wanted to go etc. They was so lovely and helpful (We must of stood out like sore thumbs, BRITS ON TOUR), once you have the Metro sussed, well Paris is your oyster. It`s mainly all stairs within the subway, so with a pram can be a bit of a nightmare, but don't fret people help you, you don't even have to ask.

Getting to Disneyland if you have kids, or a big kid yourself (me), is cheap as chips (20 euro one way) for 2 adults and takes around 40 minutes from central Paris on the Metro. It takes you right into the park.

We only went for a long weekend so obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg. A truly gorgeous city break. A city I felt like I had been to before, maybe in another life? And one I would go back to time and time again.

paris at night
Notre Dame
Paris Metro
breakfast the paris way
beautifil door, paris
paris, busy street
Pharmacie Paris
Sephora Paris
eiffel tower
french bistro



  1. Gorgeous photos. Paris is one of my favourite cities, and these photos are reminding me why!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Thanks so much. Isn`t it gorge, I just cant wait to go back. xxxx


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