03 September 2014

Beauty || Clarins Multi Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream

 Oh here we go again, it wouldn't be my blog if I wasn't rambling on about something from Clarins. But if something's good, then I gotta be telling you all about it.
picture of clarins multi active night youth recovery comfort cream

I had a trial size free gift Clarins Multi Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream and it came at the perfect time, as my skin was in a pretty bad place. Yes we all know when our skins feeling a little sad huh? Kicks off good style don`t it? Screaming shouting letting you know who's boss. The little terror!   

Mine was super dry, dehydrated and looked so dull. The joys of getting older huh? Not only have I now lost the ability to win a random dance off or two like I used too back in the day, nor can I get my shandy pants on like I used too. I now have to contend with my skin looking like it's been bashed with a bag of old rocks.  

After using it for 3 weeks and my trial sized one eventually running out.  I loved it that much and my skin was in such a marvellous place.
This product is aimed for people in their 30`s. Ahhhhh cant believe it when did this happen? 30!!!! I started using this at the grand old age of 28 and I am so glad I started a little earlier, as my skin does seem to be embracing it.

Get head of the game is my motto.
This is a rich, thickish white cream, but doesn't feel like that once on the face, it feels quite the opposite, really light and soothing and none greasy.  It has a light none offensive scent which I like. Clarins describe it as 8 hours of sleep in a jar, making the skin appear more radiant in the morning. For me it hydrates and nourishes the skin lots, so this results in things looking and feeling pretty darn good. Firstly the skin feels super soft and supple the next day. So your all like wooooo this shiz been doing its thang whilst I have been snoozing.

Then after a week or so I noticed reduced pore size, improvement in skin tone and fine lines looking more plumped.  It calms down any redness drastically and leaves the skin with a slight glow, in a good way. 
This product is primarily targeting the first signs of ageing. Which am all over.  It comes in two varieties  Normal, Combination, Oily and Dry and Sensitive. I have the Dry and Sensitive one.
 I would highly recommend this to anyone in their late 20`s mid/late 30`s who are looking for a night cream that is going to target and address the first stages of ageing, but also provide other elements including nourishing and hydrating the skin, for me i feel it is a great start and a good all rounder.
It was also the Winner of Best Age Busting Night Cream at the
Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2011 thought I would throw that one out there, just if you don't believe what I be saying!
 It`s not the cheapest (nor the dearest) skincare brand but if you are going to invest in one thing in your whole life, then personally I feel it should be skincare. Its what my mamma always told me, and well she`s always right.
When I actually work it out it`s not dear at all. This pot is £44 and lasts around 4 months. That's £11 a month and around £2.80 a week. That's pennies!!
 If you don't want to fork out straight away I get it, Clarins will always give you samples of their products to try beforehand, so don't be afraid to ask. 



  1. This has got my name written all OVER it! :) definitely getting it! :)

    Lis xx


  2. Oh wow - this sounds AMAZING! I'm Clarins obsessed right now xxx

    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com

    1. Gem isn't it fab? 80% of my skincare is Clarins. xxx

  3. I'm a sucker for good skincare too. I haven't tried that many products from Clarins though.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  4. I love Clarins. I've tried the night and day of this, its so lovely. I usually steal my mums Clarins products, but I just ran out of the contour eye cream but have the mini version of the beauty balm which is amazing. Great post. KBxx


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