26 June 2015

Beauty | | Clarins Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster

The title grabbed me! Energiser Wake-Up Booster, sounds just like what I need in the morning, that, and a rocket up my backside.
I was on the hunt for a light refreshing toner, that brightened, and lightly refreshed the skin in the morning, and made me look 16 again. (One can wish).
Reading the description of this product - I was like YES this is what I want.
Clarins describe it as: "A radiance boosting gel with a moisturising action to ensure a soft, smooth look while its toning benefits refresh and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being. The complexion is left looking radiant and healthy"

clarins daily energizer wake-up booster

I really love this product, and I don't know how I have never come across it before.
To be honest, the reason I did was down to promising myself to start saving, instead of spending, and for £17, I thought what a steal.
I lightly coat 2 small cotton pads and sweep across my face every morning. It feels so cooling, and refreshing, and really gives the skin a burst of energy, no tingling, no screaming, no feeling of like your face is on fire, and about to drop off. All been there huh?
 It feels like you have applied a light, wet, gel on the skin, opposed to a lotion, but that doesn't last long, as it`s absorbs pretty quickly into the skin.
The main benefits I feel this product offers is, it delivers a light tone to the skin, whilst delivering a refreshing and brighter, more radiant complexion.
I have had this for 3 weeks, used every morning, and only a third of the bottle has gone. It is an absolute bargain, I teamed it with the daily energizing cream ,that I use after my serum (another steal £21), and I am really loving this combo. It is a range from Clarins that combines an innovative cocktail of four natural ingredients right across the range ,that ensures young skin looks clear, fresh and glowing, and feels soft and smooth every day.
They also offer a gel cleanser in this Energizer range, which is £7 cheaper than my favourite "Clarins Gel Melt Cleanser"
It is a really affordable line offered by Clarins, and one I haven't really heard or read much about.
This range is targeted for all skin types, and for women in their early, to late 20`s, but if you are using quite an intense, and good serum I think any age could try this line. Especially in the warmer months, as this product feels so refreshing, and rejuvenating on the skin.
Have you tried anything from this range? 

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