25 November 2015

Beauty : Estee Lauder: Double Wear Foundation Review

Now I know for some people, (well a lot of people) this foundation has been holy grail for many years, and I am just a tiny bit late getting on the....

"OMG this is the best foundation ever" ..........bandwagon.

Now I love a full coverage foundation, so you would think by the name "Double-Wear" I would of been all over this years ago.

Housed in a glass jar - that I love very much. I adore the shiny gold long top, it adds to the high end feel and appearance of the product.

The pour out onto errrr.......your brush? Hand? Face? element, not feeling that too much. But that's the only thing I am gonna be moaning about around these neck of the woods today.
Plus I think you can buy a pump to screw on the top?? Can anyone clarify??
The formula is a thickish liquid, with only a little needed to cover the whole face. Now this is my other gripe.

The wrong way of applying this foundation could make or break your opinion of it. 
I have tried many ways, and I love applying it with a damp beauty blender. A foundation brush personally, I find it a little hard to work with, as this foundation does set pretty quick.

A damp beauty blender gives you more time to apply it and distribute it across the face properly.

This is aimed for oily/combination skin, mine is dehydrated and dry, so this shouldn't work - but it so does.

If you want to lighten up the coverage, and edge towards a less matte and more luminous finish, I add a dollop of Mac strobe into the foundation. 

So now onto the good stuff, this doesn't budge! Toddler running at you, snot all over his face, tongue out, shouting cuddles and smothering your face with kisses, well this ain`t budging off the face or onto his clothes.  It. Ain`t. Going. Anywhere! (Mini fist pump).
You know when you put your make-up on of a morning and think damn I look good, get home and be like what the hell?  Where has that thing called foundation gone?

Oh yes there it is, its slipped down and is now residing all on my neck??

Well this foundation stands the test of time, and the 15 hours wear time that Estee Lauder claims this has- well yes, I am all over that! I get 10 hours no problem.

I am wearing it above, and my personal opinion is It feels lightweight on the skin, which I didn't think it would. It covers any redness, dark circles and pigmentation in a doddle. It's a good skin day, in a bottle that has a natural semi -matte finish. It is buildable on first application, not so much if you want to top up through the day, but hand on heart I don't think you will need to.

It has a very similar coverage to Clarins Everlasting Foundation, which I do love. But Double-Wear stays on longer, stays even on the skin, and doesn't budge. All issues I had with the Clarins Everlasting Foundation.
It is perfect for a night also, as it has low SPF so little or no flashback when someone is camera and flash happy.
I can honestly say I will never EVER be without this in my stash. It is the best foundation I have ever tried. Yes ever tried!

Have you tried? What are your thoughts?

Make up by @_makeupbynicola on Instagram.   


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  1. I haven't tried this before and am still super intrigued too, not a fan of no pump though which seems to happen with all my foundations like mac and colorstay! damn xxx


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