30 November 2015

Operation Christmas Pamper Box Appeal.

 Christmas is nearly here, jeeez it's so exciting isn't it?

For the majority of us this means a really joyous time, spent with family and friends.

But for others unfortunately, it is pretty rubbish, and a time when loneliness, and some people's dreadful circumstances hit home that little bit harder.

In conjunction with some hostels and charities around the Liverpool area. I will be gathering and donating some boxes filled with goodies, (remember the shoe boxes you would do in School, that would be sent to Africa? Think along them lines), so the ladies who may not get a gift this year - will have a little something to open and enjoy on Christmas Day.

If you are anything like me and the ladies in my life then you will have lots of samples and beauty products lying about that you haven't even opened, or used. These all could be added, with some other bits and bobs, like books, stationary and chocolate!

I have provided an example below of what your box could include, but please feel free to improvise and put what you want in your box. People up to now are using small and normal sized shoe-boxes.


Some things to consider below if you can donate.

1) Please leave the box unsealed. I used a ribbon, so it can easily be untied.

2) No opened or used products.

3) No narcotics or alcohol.

4) No worn, or used items of clothing.

Not in the Liverpool area? Well why not nick this idea and let's spread the love across the UK.

I will do my very best to collect all boxes within the L Postcode. My friend also has said she will pick up any boxes on the Wirral. Plus you can deliver boxes to a city centre location, and some of my friends have also provided some designated drop of points too. What ever is easiest. Just message me and I will point you in the right direction.

The cut off date for collecting the boxes will be the 10th of December 2015.

Hope you can help. Also if you can spread and share this post you would be helping lots too, the more boxes the better.


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  1. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Beauty Box campaign for Local Solutions. The parcels have now been distributed across our services targeting carers, homeless people and generally those that wouldn't otherwise receive such goodies. What a brilliant idea from Antonia - I can't thank you all enough. Kindest regards and the seasons greetings to you all.


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