09 January 2016

Lifestyle: The Biggest Battle - Your Inner Critic.

The dreams we have, the things we want to achieve, and the person we want to become is always a work-in- progress don't you think?

The one thing that hinders all the above for me, and I feel a lot of people, is the inner critic. At times we can be our own worst enemy. 

As I have got older, I have become more aware of the little rascal,  and on a quest to try and bury the little fool for good.

Taking compliments: Do you take compliments well? If so,  pat yourself on the back and keep taking them. If not well I feel you sista, this is a sure sign that your inner critic is erupting and trying to deflect them away and put you down. Let's all take a deep breath, embrace the compliment, work the compliment, and thank the god damn beautiful person who has been kind enough to give it to us. 

Giving compliments: Anywhere we go if my mamma sees someone, well anything really that she likes, she always compliments them. She always has always will. I used to cringe, like seriously run away.

I would be like " Isn't that girl`s coat lovely?"

She would walk right over and be all like:

 "My Daughter loves your coat, you look really pretty in it. Where is it from?"

It's such a lovely feeling receiving and giving a compliment, and we should so start handing them out. If you think it say it. We seem to be fine lashing them compliments out drunk in the ladies toilets when out in town, everyone is gorgeous and your best friend, this is why I spend the majority of my time lurking around the bogs lapping them up haha. 

Social Media. You post a picture, status, tweet, and not one person likes or comments. Oh the drama.  Please don`t take it personally. I am so all over this famous quote:

 " Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn't give you credit" 

In a world where your heart and soul can be put in a picture, status, tweet and people choose to like it or not like it, well I can understand why anxiety and depression within adults is on the rise globally.  

Some people, maybe the younger, and more vulnerable members of  society take it personally, and I would just love to say to them, actually shout (whilst hugging them). 

"Post what the hell you want, whether it gets 1 like or 1000 likes. Seriously when we are 80, are we gonna be really bothered that a picture of us looking rather shexy only got one like on Instagram?"

Nope, let it go, Elsa from Frozen style. 

You: So we all have bad hair, bad skin and I look 6 months pregnant days. But we should try and focus on what our good qualities.  Are you healthy? A good listener? A thoughtful person? Strong brow game? You get the jist. Celebrate the positives, recognise them. The more we focus on the positive things, the levels of serotonin we produce naturally increase, making us feel happier, we may even forget about our greasy mane, and 2 month old roots for a bit too.

So the more we let our inner critic rear its ugly head, the more the little rascal stunts our growth in terms of our dreams, ambitions and pursuing opportunities. 

It tells us that we can't do things, that we can't achieve our dreams, and worst of all that we can't be happy. So let's start ignoring it, we have a little flicker of wanting to do something? Let's do it. Travel, further education, family, new job.  It tells us we can't do it, well let's show it who's boss, and think of the reasons why we can, and reap the amazing benefits attached to listening to our hearts,  and most of all following them.



  1. This is my favourite post EVER from you. Killed it. Queen Ant xx

  2. This fabulous I just picked this up from Twitter and I love it so much x

  3. Absolutely love this post Antonia! x


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