05 January 2016

Lifestyle: The Daily Do`s - Promoting Happiness!

A daily do is something for you! (So didn't mean that to rhyme like that). Let's put that a LOT less cheesier.

It is something enjoyable and relaxing, that helps clear the mind and promote happiness throughout life. The funny thing is we all do them, but as we are so busy cracking on with this life lark, and rushing about, we don't even realise or be grateful for them.

So let's..................

Bath:  A bath a day keeps stress at bay. 

Dating back to the Roman times, ( yes listen up tis true readers, I have a GCSE in History )  baths are renowned to reduce stress, and are a successful aid in relaxation. The Romans would even hold business meetings in baths, as they found it relaxed them and made their meetings more productive. 

Don't think that would be politically correct these days, imagine? Be tribunals left, right and centre.  But I am all over taking 20 minutes every night, (longer if you don't have kids) to soak in the tub, Go and Invest in a relaxing bubble bath, (any excuse to shop) some lightly scented candles (another any excuse to shop) and some chilled music.  (Runs to bathroom).

Hug: The hug! Who doesn't love a hug? Nothing is better than a hug from a loved one. Proven to raise oxytocin levels, which heal feelings of loneliness and anger. Hugs for everyone is my motto!

Technology: Actively setting times to use your phone, laptop, iPad, TV etc. Too much use is over stimulating for the mind, resulting in disturbed sleep patterns, paranoia and increased anxiety. Yeah freaky huh? Step away from the phone.  

Cook: Now you don't have to be no Jamie Oliver (I wish you was though and you was my best friend), or rustle up a meal that takes hours and hours, now that's just not possible with all this modern day life lark! 

But shall we all try our very hardest and eat one meal a day, made with fresh ingredients, and with our own hands. Apart from the obvious health reasons associated with cooking from scratch, the benefits to the mind are pretty great too. It has a lot of social advantages and helps other family members, especially children from being fussy eaters. A home cooked meal brings the family together, and gives that time after a busy day, well to chat, laugh and enjoy each others company. 

Slow down: Be it running, driving or rushing about, chill, we will get there when we get there hey? This type of stress makes us feel foggy, angry and frustrated. Stuck in a traffic jam? Take this time to chill the hell out, close your eyes, relax and think about the good things that have happened that day, or any holidays, days-out you may be looking forward too.

Read:  Proven to aid in relaxation and drifting off to sleep. Reading (and not your Facebook timeline haha) is proven to increase knowledge and memory skills. Don't think yourself as a reader? Start small, a poem? An article about something you are interested in. Beauty? Fashion? Weddings? Or have you watched a film that you loved? Odds are it's based on a book, so maybe try that approach.

All the above are everyday things we all do, but maybe don't stop and focus on the benefits of such tasks, as we are on auto-pilot. A bath basically to get clean? A hug as its normal to interact this way with loved ones? Making a home-cooked meal because you are hungry or have mouths to feed? 

By us focusing more on the positive and wellbeing qualities attached to these "everyday things" then we seem to enjoy, value and show appreciation for them more, resulting in a deeper understanding of the way it makes us feel, in regards to our emotions and mood, leading us all to feel more grateful, calmer, positive and happier. 

Dah dahhhh!!!! 

What daily do couldn't you live without? Spill the beans kids? 



  1. There is nothing a good bath, scented candles and a book can't fix! I definitely need to stop using technology so much!! x


    1. There really isn't :o) thanks for popping by. x

  2. My daily do is a bath in the evenings, sometime with a LUSH bath bomb which makes them even better! It is my favourite way to relax.
    You have a lovely blog.
    Casey. X

    1. Ooo love Lush! Thanks so much for popping by :o) xx

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  4. This is an amazing post Ant!! It's all about the little things xxx


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