03 February 2016

Beauty: Charlotte Tilbury - Love Liberty

I thought I would chat about my most favourite lipstick at the mo.

I have wore this most days since Christmas, and love everything about it. 

The packaging is exactly the same as the previous K.I.S.S.I.N.G  lipsticks. 

charlotte tilbury love liberty

The gorgeous gold bullets, which I just adore, they are quite heavy, but your always gonna be looking on top form whipping these beautiful babies out your bag. 

The 3D glowing pigments make the lips appear fuller and luminous. The product feels amazing on the lips, nourishing and non drying. It feels so moisturising, and the staying power is long lasting. It's not a matte compared to let's say the matte range at Mac, they feel a lot creamier on the lips almost velvet, and this softness translates to the appearance. These offer a more silky luminous finish.

Love Liberty is inspired by the glamour muse range it`s described as a juicy wild rose colour. Personally it translates on my lips as a darkish stained red colour, on the plummy/purple side of town. It`s a classy and very beautiful statement colour (see below).

I have said it once, or a million times - and I will say it again, I really love CT Make-up, with these lipsticks being in my top 3. If you was a little on the fence about forking out, well I would 100% say make the leap. 

They last so long in terms of every day use, are amazing quality and in my opinion - well your lips are worth it. 


  1. This is a beautiful colour! Will add it to my wishlist. I bought her two latest lipstick releases last weekend so can't justify buying another one just yet! xx


  2. Antonia you look incredible, so beautiful xxx


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