16 April 2016

Beauty: Base Product Recommendations .

If your base isn't up to scratch, well nothing there after - like foundation, powder is gonna ever look right. Prepping the skin prior to slapping it all on -  I have found is worth every minute. 
Here are some products that I just couldn't be without.

face base products

OXY Rapid Spot Treatment: I purchased this from eBay, and it was shipped from America. I couldn't find it anywhere else. Believe me I scoured. It was around £9, and took a week to arrive. I forgot where I seen it recommended, but ah ma gawd. This stuff is the best spot treatment I have tried. It's a white creamy, cream. Strange for spot treatments, they are usually like arsenic. I pop on the area that is being a little rascal of a night, and well the next morning the spot is a lot smaller, calmer and less sore. It has 10% Benzoyl Peroxide, which is renowned to help treat acne and spots. This product doesn't dry the skin though, like some products with high amounts of Benzoyl Peroxide in.
Plus it doesn't irritate or sting. I am super impressed, and for such a purse friendly price - would never be without it now.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm: I have raved about this before, a lot. A pinky light cream that brightens, tightens, and feels so soothing and hydrating on application. It pumps out fine lines, and as it tightens the skin it then helps your foundation to appear more even and flawless. It helps dull and tired skin especially well. This product loves your skin, and helps everything applied there after look better.

Niod Photography Fluid: My lovely friend Stacey recommended this, and well now everyone is raving about it. A dull white cream, that has a light soft cream consistency. I rub lightly on the whole of my face with my fingers and it leaves such a gorgeous luminous pearlescent  finish. It covers all the redness on my T-Zone with ease, and when you put your foundation on - well this is where the magic happens. 
It makes the finish appear glowy and radiant. 

The only way I can describe it is:

"Edward Cullen, when he meets a ray of sunshine".

Yup you catch my drift.

What base products are you loving at the mo?

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