20 April 2016

Beauty: The Eye Makeup Must Haves

Eye make-up for me is probably one of the hardest parts of this whole make-up lark. I am getting much better - as practise does make perfect. I thought I would share some key tools, that really help me to create a professional eye make-up look at home.

1) When in doubt blend it out. I have found whenever I look and think woahhh my eyeshadow doesn't look right, just keep blending. I blend, blend, blend around the outer socket and inner crease until I feel happy with the look. Crown Brush do some amazing purse friendly eye-shadow brushes, my favourite's are the C200 deluxe crease brush, and the C330 blending brush. They are good quality, soft, wash well - and there is so many different ones to choose from.

2) Eyeshadow Shield Guards are a must for amateurs like me, peel the sticky part off and place under each eye. They help catch any fall out from the eyeshadow, but the best part is they help define the line where your shadow should stop -  they are such a great help when perfecting a winged eyeliner look. I work up in the direction that the guard is pointing to, and draw along the eye and on the guard (opposed to my face) and when you peel away the flick is straight. What we all dream of huh? I got 12 for £2.50 from eBay, with delivery. Just search "eye-shadow shield guards". 

3) Eyelashes complete any look.  My favourite ones are Eyelure and their glue is my favourite. They can be so fiddly to apply though. I find letting the glue dry, and go a little tacky for 30 seconds is key, it helps you manoeuvre the lash easier. At the outer and inner end I use tweezers to press them in lightly and work across pressing, so that they sit on the lash line, not your eyebrow (yup been there). When dry, I then swoop them up with my fingers, and fan the lashes across so they mingle in with my own. Then lashings of mascara to complete the look.

What are your tips when doing your eye make-up at home? Hit me with any recommendations. 



  1. You look bloody gorgeous! I so need some of those guard things! I used a copper sparkle eyeshadow yesterday and omg I had to redo all of my foundation and concealer again haha! xxx

    1. OMG haha thats my worst nightmare. I always do eyes first then base, I look like a panda when i finish my eye make-up so it's just not an option to do base first haha. xx


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