02 June 2016

Beauty: Deciem Hylamide HA Blur Prismatic Surface Hydrator Primer Review

Today I am talking about a little beauty that is doing the rounds at the moment The Hylamide HA Blur Primer*  It is a face primer that claims to plump skin, minimise pores and hydrate, but its big claim is that this is all achieved,  without the use of silicone.  

So I ain't gonna lie, I think we all have at least one of the above issues we would like to address?? 

Mine would be plumping them fine lines to kingdom come. 

So shhhhhh I got some something to tell you, you're gonna bloomin love this!!

The reviews I read over at Expat Make Up Addict and The Sunday Girl got me really excited about trying this product. I am so lazy through the week with make-up application, and nine times out of ten, well I forget to put any type of primer on - not this week, noooo I have been super impressed with this.

First off how gorgeous is the packaging? The tube is sturdy, and you uncap the lid, and squeeze to release the product. It is compact and would fit into any make-up, or travel bag with ease. 

The cream is white, and a thick consistency, but as you apply to the skin it feels very light and smooth. 
Now onto the science, the Ha Blur uses Hyaluronic Acid powder base for its blurring approach. This type of approach using Hyaluronic Acid has never been used in this way before. On first application it does initially feel a tad like a silicone based product when applied, as it is velvet to touch, and super soft. The difference is that it does not feel like it is sitting on the skin, or sucking all the moisture out like silicone based primers do, it feels somewhat the opposite - hydrating and so cooling. 

So after all slapping it on, well I took one long gaze into the mirror. 

One word WOW

It plumps out fine lines, it blurs pores, and leaves my skin looking hydrated and healthy. So how is this done? Basically like any other primer, it scatters light in many directions to achieve a retouched skin finish. This product really works, and when I put my make- up on, well double WOW the finish just looks flawless. Yes flawless. 

This primer also enhances make-up longevity, and keeps it all in place.
This is tailored for all skin types, and the one major "fist pump" for me is that it does not enhance my dry and dehydrated skin in anyway.

So if you are looking to blur pores, plump out fine lines, all whilst leaving the skin feeling hydrated, then this be the product for you!

At a purse friendly £19 for 30ml, it is totes an utter bargain and investment.

You can buy here


*PR Sample



  1. This sounds absolutely fantastic and so affordable as well! The packaging is very cute too :)
    - Ambar | Her Little Loves

    1. It ticks all the boxes. I agree packaging is lovely x

  2. Ooh I love the sound of this product. So affordable too! Also, I just came across your blog and completely love it - followed you on bloglovin xx



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