07 June 2016

Beauty: Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye Cheek Palette in Fair/Light

So, I am obsessed with palettes at the moment. First off, they are so easy to just lash in your bag when on the go or travelling. An array of different products housed in one place. Seriously, what could be better? 

 I had my eye on the Charlotte Tilbs Instant In a Look Palette. I visited the counter in Liverpool and honestly, I just wasn't blown away, nor could I muster up the urge to hand over £49 for it. Now I love the Tilbs, but this palette wasn't for me.

Then a couple of weeks later I seen the Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye & Cheek Palette pop up on my Instagram and just fell in love. Everything about it, from the gold packaging, large mirror and all the shades particularly in the fair/light palette made me squeal. I made a quick order via the Stila website, and the palette was with me two days later. At the reasonable price of £28, you get 4 eyeshadows, a highlighter/eyeshadow and two blushes.

Oh and just look at the packaging, damn there are no words.

stila perfect me perfect hue palette

stila perfect me perfect hue palette

There is 4 palettes to choose from, and the breakdown is as follows: 

Fair/Light - (as pictured below) A selection of light hues perfect for fair skin tones.

Light/ Medium- A selection of brown and neutral hues for medium skin tones.

Medium/ Tan - A selection of copper and purple toned hues for tanned skin tones.

Tan/Deep - A mixture of light and dark hues to compliment deep skin tones.

stila perfect me, perfect hue palette

 All the eye-shadows in the pan are soft to touch, feeling border line creamy, making them easy to blend and work with. The pigmentation isn't the best in the matte offerings, but I think this is as the palette is very natural, and this soft finish represents that.  I had to build up the matte eyeshadow to achieve a more intense look. For me I don't mind this, as I can be heavy handed and  a bit rubbish at applying eyeshadow, so I would rather build up with eyeshadow, than put a little on, and be like wahhhh, and have to scrub it off.

 The fallout is medium, it is similar to the Naked 2 palette in my opinion.  All the shadows and blushers offer really, really good longevity. I put on the eyeshadows and blushers at 9am, and it all looked exactly the same come 5pm.

I use Breathtaking (soft satin neutral white shade) all over the lid to begin, and then my favourite out of all the eyeshadows  Dynamic, (a beautiful soft matte taupe colour) this swooshed all over the lid is divine. I just wish it was as intense as it was in the pan. I then use Glamorous (a warm matte chocolate brown) in the crease, and to smoke out. I finish with  Passionate (a frosted champagne pearl shade, a little goes a long way), it is perfect to highlight anywhere you usually do eyes, or face.

stila perfect me perfect hue swatch

(I have A LOT OF tan on, yup and it's fading in parts, so I swiped all products four times, so a true shade and pigmentation could be shown).

stila perfect me perfect hue swatch

Alluring is a beautiful soft pale pink eyeshadow, that could be used to highlight and brighten the eye, or used all over instead of Dynamic to create a natural eye make-up look. 

The two blushes Romantic (soft matte pale pink) and Playful (soft matte rose pink) are very natural, wearable shades, and look really beautiful on fair and light skin-tones. Playful is my favourite. But that is the beauty with blushers, you can mix them, build on them - so I will use both.

If you are looking for a palette that will create a very understated natural make-up look, then this is worth a nose at. Personally I will get lots of use out of it.

Have you tried any of the palettes from the range, I would love to know what you all think?

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  1. That palette is so cute, perfect for everyday and when you're on the go!


  2. This palette is gorgeous! The colours are so pretty & very complimentart to each other. I love that Stila have come out with 4 shade options too. This would be ideal for packing to take on holiday. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. I love that there is 4 options too Tania, it is the perfect palette for when you are on the go. X

  3. Oh wow that Stila palette is sooo pretty! I'm really in love with the CT one though, I've been using it nonstop since I got it! I've actually been using it more than my big Tom Ford palette I got from the summer 2016 collection, it's just really so lovely!


    1. I think I will cave soon regarding the CT one, I just keep being drawn back to it. Hahaha. X


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