29 July 2016

Percy & Reed No Oil Oil For Thick Hair

Using an hair oil is a must for me. I have long, thick and very, very dry hair. Which if I had to sum up in one word, well, it's WILD.

The dryness and thickness of my hair makes fly-aways appear even more so frizzy, and the corse thick dry hair that resides at the top of my head, it can look very damaged.

Lucky me hey?

percy & reid no oil oil
I have used hair oils for around 3 years now, and in my opinion no other product beats them, in regards to treating dry, frizzy and damaged hair.

I am always on the hunt for a new hair oil, and try different ones regularly, just to keep my little rascal of a mane on its toes.

I have tried the Percy & Reed dry shampoo, and liked it lots, so when I seen this baby pop up on Feel Unique, it seemed right up my street. 

Priced at £14, I feel the price is reasonable, and I am aways drawn in by Percy & Reed, as their packaging is quirky, classy and innovative, compared to other hair-care brands. 

House in a long thin plastic bottle, there is 60ml of oil in the bottle, with a pump to dispense the oil. 
It is recommended you pump into the hand, warm and then run through your locks. I pump around 4 pumps onto my hand, warm, and run through, from root to tip. 
I know some people don't like to put oils near their roots, but this is where my dry and frizzy hair is at its worst, so for me -  all over the mane, well it is a must.

The oil is light in texture, and feels a little like a serum, It is a clear colour, and smells gorgeous. Percy & Reed have used pomegranate oil, apparently this has anti-frizz properties in, and there is a light fruity scent, that lingers on after application. 

After I have styled my hair, I then take one more pump and run it through my hair, to tame any fly- aways and overly corse hairs.

I have been using this for around 3 weeks now and I like it. It does help to combat the issues I have. My hair appears smoother, more nourished, resulting in less fly-aways, and frizz. The oil feels light in my hair, and it doesn't weigh it down.

Another Brucie bonus is, that this product is going to last forever, the product still looks full, and I have used TONNES of the stuff. 

If you are after a purse friendly hair oil, and you have thick hair, well I do thoroughly recommend. It is a good price, long- lasting, and it nourishes the hair, and adds a lovely shine to the locks.

If you have fine hair, there is a volumizing version in the range too.

Have you tried anything from Percy & Reed

Do you use a hair oil?



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