06 October 2016

Beauty: Frownies Review

I express a lot of my emotions (usually laughing, a LOT) through my facial expressions, and over the past 30 years of my life, the frown lines have set in.

I love holistic and natural approaches to anti-ageing and 80% of the time I embrace the ageing process, hell we are lucky to see another day, and getting older is a beautiful representation of that.

But I can't lie and say they wasn't annoying me, my foundation was starting to sit in the frown lines on my forehead, and it was making them look a hell of a lot worse than they actually was, this factor was contributing to my skin looking tired and dull, l was on the hunt for a natural product that would help me with this issue.

Oh hiya Frownies. (Wavessss)

Frownies are an unbleached natural kraft paper with water-activated adhesive. You wet, and press them onto the areas where the frown lines are, and sleep in them overnight. They, in a nut shell keep your skin taught preventing the area from moving about, and stretch out any frown lines, and fine lines.

(Apparently we all pull very funny faces in our sleep, and frown a LOT).

What, stop the press! I don't look like Sleeping Beauty when I am snoozing? I am a bit fuming at this.

So anyway, after I found out this shocking discovery, I started to use Frownies and I have used these for over a year now, and I really love them. I try and wear them for 12 hours, usually 7pm to 7am every night/day. I apply them about 20 minutes after my moisturiser, or facial oil has been slapped on.
They are easy to use, comfortable and do not irritate the skin.

They are around £18 on eBay or Amazon, and a box can last you anything between 8-16 weeks, depending on how many you use.

You can see visible improvements after the first use - frown lines, and fine lines are reduced drastically. The improvement doesn't last forever, as the day goes on and you are using your facial expressions (chatting, laughing, frowning) the lines do start to reappear.

They are not as visible, compared to not wearing them at all, as you have restricted your natural facial expressions for 12 hours out of the 24, so as you can imagine this is a great help in slowing down the process of them getting deeper, and slows down the process of any new ones that may pop by.

I will probably wear Frownies for life now, they are cheap, non evasive, easy to use and improvements happen, more or less straight away. I'll be it they don't last forever - but what does?

Have you ever tried Frownies? Do you think you may?



  1. WOW! I've never heard of these but they sound amazing! I need a lifetime subscription haha

    The Crown Wings

  2. i think i need to buy some of these! they sound great xx


    1. They are really good, and using them over a long period you can see the difference :o)

  3. These sound so simple and effective! I love how non-invasive it is too! I reckon it would give the Mr a right shock to come in seeing me slumber with wet paper all over my face haha!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  4. I've never heard of these but they sound brilliant!!! I will definitely be looking into these xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  5. Oh wow what a cool idea! Love their name haha xx


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