11 October 2016

Food: Review Of Jamie's Italian Liverpool

I have been to Jamie's Italian in Liverpool twice, the first time I visited I wasn't overly impressed, but the second time, I studied the menu thoroughly,  took my time ordering, and I enjoyed every course - as did my partner.

I was invited along to Jamie's Italian to enjoy a complimentary meal, and to be honest I absolutely adore Mr Oliver, and I would never turn down an offer to sample some of his grub.

Situated in Liverpool 1, there is always a buzz and lively vibe in the air. 
People on dates, work colleagues winding down, and families looking for a comfortable place to stop, and stuff their faces after a shopping spree.

I visited on a Thursday evening at 6pm, the restaurant was half full, and one thing I always pick up on when visiting the restaurant is how friendly, and laid back the staff are. The staff know the menu, they recommend dishes and drinks, and they are right there when you need something, but don't stalk the table. 

I arrived alone and ordered a drink before my Mum arrived, the drink was delivered quickly. 
(It had been a long day, so this was much welcomed haha).

We both studied the menu thoroughly. I really think this is key in Jamie's Italian
He puts his signature twist on most of the traditional Italian dishes we love and know, so you have to be sure that the dish is the one for you. Unintentionally we picked all vegetarian dishes, and they were as follows:

Vegetable Plank: £6.95 pp

Vegetables sliced, chargrilled & marinated in a garlic & herb-infused oil, served with mini buffalo mozzarella, tomato & ricotta crostini, garlicky chickpea dip, grissini, pickles & olives

vegetable plank

jamies italian

The lighting in the restaurant is not the best, but the platter was so colourful and each element was utterly delicious. The garlicy chickpea dip, and the tomato and ricotta crostini were my favourite, but the whole platter was devoured, the marinated and pickled vegetables were lovely to pick at too. My Mum said she thoroughly enjoyed it - with the garlicy chickpea dip being her favourite element.

Onto mains, we opted for 2 of the small super food salads.

JI Super Food Salad: £6 each for a small bowl.

Fresh avocado, roasted beets, pulses & grains, sprouting broccoli, pomegranate & spicy seeds with harissa dressing & cottage cheese.

jamies italian

We shared a warm main to mix in with the salad. 

Sicilian Aubergine: £9.95

Roasted aubergine topped with a rag├╣ of lentils, tomatoes, raisins & smoked paprika with a garlicky almond yoghurt dressing, toasted pine nuts, lemony rocket & pomegranate.

jamies italian

The aubergine was the winner, it was utterly delicious. The smoky paprika, almond yoghurt and crunch from the pine nuts, teamed with the soft delicious aubergine in the background was a match made in heaven. Mixed through with the salad, it was such a perfect combination. I tasted the salad and I had to season it, as the flavour was a little bland, once I added some salt and pepper it pimped it to the next level. I ate the lot. For a small bowl, and only £6 - it is a steal. I do not think anyone could finish the large portion, the small version was huge.

We decided to share a dessert, and the waiter told us the most popular one was the:

Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding: £6.50.

A warm chocolate cake with a liquid praline centre, served with vanilla ice cream & praline.

jamies italian

WOW this was so good, a warm gooey chocolatey filling, a crunch of praline, and ice cream, well it was heaven. I am so glad we shared it, as we struggled to finish one between us.

An enjoyable evening was had at Jamie's Italian. The staff are really lovely, knowledgable and friendly. Each dish we had was good quality, reasonably priced, fresh, and well cooked. The ambience was laid back and relaxing. 

I would 100% go back and stuff my face, with the Vegetable Plank, Sicilian Aubergine and Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding being the stars of the show, and dishes I would re-order.

More information can be found on the website here




  1. The food looks and sounds lovely, it's also great to know there are nice vegetarian options, my youngest daughter is vegetarian and eating out is always a struggle with so many restaurants not having much choice.There is a Jamie's Italian in Manchester but we haven't ever been assuming it would be well out of our price range but the prices are very reasonable and on par with what we pay elsewhere when we eat out so I am going to suggest to Simon we give it a go. Fabulous post and very helpful and informative, plus wonderful photographs :) xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Thank you so much, I think this would be perfect for your family. Yes and you are so right the prices are so reasonable. xxx

  2. Amazing review, such gorgeous photos! I can't believe I've never been before xxx

    1. I think you would love it, so much choice on the menu. xxx

  3. Great photos! I love Jamie's Italian, will have to try the Aubergine it looks good x


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