27 November 2016

Kirsty Doyle Tulle Skirt

Ever since I seen Carrie Bradshaw wearing her tulle skirt on the opening credits of Sex and The City, damn I wanted one, and her waist line.

I had been eyeing up the Kirsty Doyle Black Tulle Skirt for a while, but I was bit scared to take the leap. Would it suit me? What would I wear it with? I am not the best at putting outfits together, and seem to shy away from anything out of my comfort zone.

kirsty doyle tulle

Kirsty Doyle is the managing director of Kirsty Doyle Clothing, a very well known and established womenswear and bespoke wedding designer based in Liverpool. The clothing Kirsty designs are utterly lust worthy. You can have a nose at the website to see for yourself, trust me you need to. (But don't go till you have finished reading my post, you have plenty of time to have a nose - I won't keep you long, I promise).

I love timeless and classy items of clothing. I tend to stay quite safe with fashion, and wear a lot of black, more black, and then a bit more - just for good measure.

When Kirsty Doyle sent me the * Charcoal Grey Tulle from her store,  I am gonna put it out there, I was a little scared, and was totally stepping out of my comfort zone, trying to style such a statement piece.

I headed to the Kirsty Doyle Instagram page and unashamedly copied her styling tips, and teamed the tulle with a vest top, jacket, and heels.

Pleasantly surprised is an understatement, I felt like I was a fashion icon. I loved the edgy but classy mish mash. The tulle sat across the skirt just beautifully, and I felt the most girly I I have ever felt in my whole life.

The colour was also a welcomed change from black, (shock horror) and I think I actually prefer the grey to the black, just because 90% of my wardrobe is black. (Obvs).

After leaping out of my fashion comfort zone, I have an urge to now be more adventurous with fashion.

Fashion should be fun, empowering and an adventure, it projects our personality to the world, and enhances our self-confidence. It shouldn't be something we are scared of, but something to be explored and embraced.

So lets get exploring, there is currently a SALE on and it's not to be missed with up to 60% off clothing, and the Tulle skirts starting from £40.
I suggest you go now, and grab yourself a bargain.





  1. Love love love this! It looks incredible on you xx

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous! You are SUCH a natural, and I would LOVE to see more fashion posts from you. It's such a beautiful skirt, and I love the look you've put together. You've made me want a princess, tulle skirt now! xxxx

  3. You look absolutely stunning, I would love to see some more fashion posts from you, my daughter would love a tulle skirt but she said she hasn't the occasion to wear one, I have just shown her this post and she agrees you look incredible xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Ah what a lovely comment Zoe, thank you so much. xxx

  4. You look amazing in this tulle skirt! I would love to get one but I really don't think I would pull it off to well ha. And I love the colour, I'm the same as you my wardrobe is 90% black, so it's always nice to get something a little different, even if it's only grey

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


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