22 March 2017

The Clarins Combo I Can't Get Enough Of.

If you drop by these neck of the woods you will know I love Clarins, it is by far my favourite skincare brand, and one I have used for around 15 years now.

The Clarins Boost (Detox) and the Clarins Multi Active Jour Day Cream Gel  are pretty new additions to my collection. As expected I am enjoying using them, and the results they are bringing to the table.

The Clarins Boost is an innovative little thing, It is basically an in intense serum, you drop a few drops into your day-or-night cream and apply as normal.
There is 3 boosts in the range, Detox, Energy and Repair.

I opted for Detox, as I work in a dusty environment and it claimed to improve the effects that pollution has on the skin. It is also recommended for when you have had a bit to much alcohol, or consumed all the indulgent foods. It claims to help the skin appear plump, detoxified and more radiant.

My Mum picked up the Clarins Multi Active Jour Day Cream Gel for me around a month ago now, and my skin is loving it. It feelings so cooling, hydrating and sinks into the skin quickly.
Just what is needed of a morning when you are in a rush. I adore how it leaves my skin feeling super soft and supple. It claims to diminish the first signs of ageing, revitalise, hydrate and restore the skin.

I have reviewed the Clarins Huille Santa Oil before here and the Clarins Multi Active Revitalising Night Cream here so I won't bore you to much with the details, but feel free to have a nose if you want a more in-depth review.

This is how I use all 4 products.  I use the day cream every morning, and alternate the facial oil and night cream every other night. Then twice a week I drop 3 drops of the Detox Boost into the night cream. I love how quick and easy this combo is. I am all over cutting corners, and I welcome with open arms the idea of applying my serum and moisturiser at the same time.

Each of these products claims are along the same lines: plump, hydrate, reduce fine lines and nourish, and well the proof is totally in the pudding.

My skin looks plumper, around my cheeks, it is hydrated, nourished and fine lines are visibly reduced around my forehead.

You know when your skin is just loving life?
Well that is totally me right now, and I feel it is down to all these little beauties.

Have you tried any of the above? I would love to hear what you think.



  1. I haven't tried Clarins skincare before, but this looks pretty good!

  2. I've not tried any of these products before. I really like the sound of the day cream plus I've been wanting to pick up their lip oil for a while too.

  3. Such a great post! I LOVE Clarins, and I have the two creams and Detox booster but not tried the oil yet i need to xx

  4. I used to use Clarins a long time ago and it seems like they've updated it all a lot x

  5. I love Clarins and used to use their products all the time, their Hydraquench range is amazing for my skin and their facial oils too, I have some lovely makeup items from them too, theyre a great brand xxxx

  6. I looooove Clarins! The oil is everything, I've gone through 2 bottles x

  7. I mean I would want to try this out just from your beautiful picture alone. Amazing

    Karen x

  8. My skin loves Clarins, I switched my cleanser and toner well over 6 weeks ago to theirs and the difference is phenomenal! My skin has never looked so clear and hydrated! I really want to look into the detox drops, working and living in the city means my skin is being battered by pollution! And we all know I love a gin or three!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  9. These boosts sound great. I love their exfoliating toner and cleansing balm X

  10. I love Clarins but have yet to try any of their Boosters - on my "to buy" list! xx


  11. I've not tried any of the clarins skincare line but I really want to! These products sound right up my street! Lovely post xx


  12. How have I not tried any Clarins skincare yet! After this post I need to!


  13. Clarins has never called out to me for skincare, I don't know why perhaps because I am inundated with so many brands it gets lost x

  14. This is pretty much like looking into my own bathroom cabinet ha! Clarins can do no wrong in my eyes :) x

  15. Great post, I'm really into Clarins skincare at the moment!

  16. I have never used Clarins skincare but I need to! These sound great.

  17. I love Clarins skincare but I haven't used it in years! I definitely need to start using it more!

    Georgia x

  18. Love clarins i am still using their hydra quench range but not tried any of the ones you have here.

    Kenzie xx
    Kenzie | LemonaidLies - Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  19. They sound fab! I've never tried any Clarins skincare but the cream gel sounds wonderful! I'm all for a moisturiser that feels cooling on the skin, especially when it's hot weather x


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