01 January 2017

Happy New Year - The Happy Planner

First things first! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I wish you all lots of love, laughter, health, wealth and prosperity for 2017.

Do you set resolutions?

I always set New Year resolutions, but as time has progressed I try and make them as realistic as possible. Gone are the days of promising myself I will lose 20 stone, eat clean, and run a marathon.
Small steps and all that.

With the New Year looming and so many expectations about how the coming year is going to be the best yet, I feel it's important when making any resolutions to stop, take a minute, and reflect on the year gone by.

Wherever you are in your life. No matter if it is a New Year Year, or a new day you can make a change when ever you like.

I love the chance to start afresh. When making new resolutions I reminisce on the year gone by, and pick out the aspects I felt I was a bit rubbish at.

I then will try and work each month to be better at these things, and hopefully in turn create a happier me.

This year my main resolutions are managing my finances better, and to become more organised - enter The Happy Planner.

the happy planner
I came across this quirky and fun planner on Amazon, it was only one of two Christmas presents I asked for. The colourful layout, stickers and plastic cover all caught my eye. (I had the Kate Spade Diary last year, and towards the end of the year the hardback cover looked terribly worn and old). So this time around I was looking for something that was a little more hard wearing.

I watched a tutorial online on The Happy Planner website, and I loved how you could buy inserts and just slide them in.
The inserts can be anything from folders, pen holders, to motivational quotes.

The set I got for Christmas was called Me and My Big Ideas 365 Day Kit. It included a diary some page magnets and stickers. The days in the diary are undated, but there are stickers included with dates and months.

the happy planner
the happy planner

The diary has 12 sections. At the beginning of each month there is a section that includes:

Monthly Goals
Important Dates
Don't Forget

You then have a motivational or fun quote on the other side, and then the diary moves into undated morning, afternoon, and evening planner space.

I love that the planner can be personalised and used for whatever you like. It is large, but lightweight. There is enough space for it to be used for either business or pleasure. It could be a food diary, an exercise diary or a blogging diary. The options are endless.

the happy planner

As you can see from the pictures it is very pretty and I am excited to start using it.

Have you picked up a diary for the coming year? Have you made any resolutions?




  1. I wish I'd seen this before ordering another personal planner, it looks great, definitely something to keep in mind for 2018 xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. I am so glad i saw it on Amazon, it's just perfect. x

  2. What a beautiful planner, it's so much nicer than the boring black and white planners you see around xx


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