14 August 2015

MAKEUP REVOLUTION: Goddess of Faith - Triple Baked Highlighter

So to start -  am gonna put it out there, this brand I totally underestimated. Not to sound like a make-up snob at all, but this brand offers such cheap make-up, I thought it wouldn't be great, as in life, most of the time - you get what you pay for.
Now I did a lot of research first, prior to placing an order, I had read so many reviews about the baked highlighters and blushers, and I never read a bad one. 

I was drawn to the gorgeous packaging. Because come on? Who doesn't love any type of product housed in a gorgeous heart shaped box?
There is two highlights in the range. Today I will be chatting about Goddess Of Faith it is a pinkie pearl colour, that is very, very pigmented. It's incredibly finally milled, so gives a really natural glow, opposed to a thick cakey finish. (This was what I was worried about)

As you can see the product catches the light just beautifully. You can build the intensity up, depending on what type of make-up look you want to achieve. It adds a luminous and radiant finish to the skin. I add a light sweep with a fan brush, on the top of my cheekbone  on a daily basis, and build it up a little more when I want a glowy intense finish.
(Night time make-up)

Now this is the best part. This product costs £4.99??? Yes £4.99. This is an absolute bargain, and amazing value for money.

The box does get easily dirty, and bashed, but I find the same happens with Benefits boxed bronzers and blushers, so its not a biggie in my opinion.

As you can tell, I am so impressed with this product and plan to pick up the other one in the range, which is edging towards the more shimmery gold side of town.

Have you tried any of these products? 


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  1. OMG it is such a beauty! The colour is so perfect I just cannot. Going to look for this here, hopefully I find it x


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