22 December 2015

Beauty: Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

I had been dying to try the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. The reviews were amazing that I had read online, and the description of the product sounded right up my street.

   oskia renaissance cleansing gel

When trying any new skincare that's expensive, I like to get a sample and try it before I splurge. With some products that aren't sold at my local counter well this just isn't possible, so it`s always a gamble. This gamble didn't pay off.

Described as "A potent blend of high-tech natural ingredients including a broad range of vitamins and essential skin nutrients, Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel is the original (and best) gel cleanser of its ilk; totally unique, it helps to strengthen and revitalise skin whilst eliminating every last speck of residual everyday grime."

I loved the packaging and the clean looking bottle. It is dispersed through a pump and a little comes out,a factor I like as you can build up on the amount ,opposed to having too much and wasting. It is a pink gel/jelly texture, the smell reminded me of Turkish delight, a smell I don't usually care for, but I found I liked. The texture was so light and this is were I started getting disappointed.

I like a thick cleanser along the lines of Emma Hardies Cleansing balm and Clarins Gel Melt cleanser. After rubbing this over my face, it just didn't feel like there was any product there, nor did it feel like it was taking my make-up off.

I then tried the second night and used this as my second cleaner so it didn't have the hard job off breaking down my make up, still felt a little too light for me.

Then the worst thing possible happened, the next morning when I thought I would maybe just use it as my morning cleanser, the most painful spot had landed on my chin. I haven't had any spots for around 3 months, this was the only new product I had used so the chance that this was the culprit were very high. I stopped using immediately.

Now everyone is different and the reviews for this product are outstanding it obviously doesn't agree with me unfortunately, I am a little gutted as this was a product I really wanted to love.

Have you tried this world famous product? What did you think?



  1. I only really liked it as a morning cleanser. Not rich enough for an evening cleanse for me. Great, honest post x

  2. I love this cleanser but always warm it up in my hands before applying to my face & would generally use it for my second cleanse. It's very disappointing when you've wanted to try a product for ages & then find that it doesn't work for you - I've been there! I'm sure it would be snapped up in a blogsale! xx


    1. Yes sold it no prob :o) Thanks for popping by x


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