25 April 2016

Beauty: Current Make-up Loves

I love how we all go through phases of being obsessed with certain make-up products. Be it a lipstick, mascara or foundation. There is nothing better than really loving a product, and it doing its thang. I have decided to chat about my current loves today- so lets dive in.

makeup product review

Estee Lauder Doublewear Light: As the weather picks up, and is getting a little warmer I am loving this more so than the original Doublewear. I feel it is more, how do I put this -  mmmm a more natural every day easy to wear coverage. Like its big sister, it is a good medium coverage but feels a lot lighter on the skin. Hence the name. I really love both versions, but for me this is more comfortable and makes a little less of a statement, in regards to appearing to have a full face of foundation on. Which don't get me wrong I bloomin love with all my heart, but lately I have been using this every day, and keeping the original Doublewear for nights out. I have a more in-depth post here all about Estee Lauder Doublewear and my unconditional love for this cult classic.

Benefit Coralista Blusher: The first time I tried this I was hooked, it ran out and then I forgot all about buying a new one. When I got my mits on this again, well it reignited my love. A warm coral pink toned blush, this works like a dream in the warmer months, and perfect teamed with their iconic Benefit Hoola Bronzer.  It has a slight frosted finish which I love, as it catches the light beautifully. It smells so fruity too. It is long lasting and super pigmented, so you don't need to use a lot of it to pack a punch. 

MakeUp Geek EyeShadow in Burlesque: Everyone in the beauty world has went mad for this cruelty free brand - especially the eyeshadows. At £5.05 cheaper than an eyeshadow pan from Mac and you get more product (1.5g Mac 1.8g Makeup Geek) I was intrigued to see how they stood up in comparison. The verdict is pretty damn good. It feels soft to touch, very pigmented and blends like a dream. This shade is a burgundy shade with a frosted finish and brown undertones,  as it only has a slight frosted finish it catches the light beautifully without being to harsh. The brown tone is strong as you can see in the picture below, so it doesn't appear too red or maroon on the lid.
I pack on a creamy concealer to prep the eyes. It is perfect all over the lid and on the lower lash line and I adore it. Wearing it here if you fancy a nose.

makeup geek burlesque review

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in Rubellite  : This was in a free gift I received a couple of months back now, and I can't stop using it. A gorgeous reddy, pink shimmery shade, the cool tones work so well with fair skin and blonde hair. It leaves the most beautiful shine on the lips, and once that fades the stain stays behind for a good while, fading evenly.

Makeup Revolution Goddess Of Faith Triple Baked Highlighter: I have started reaching for this again and for the price of £4.99 I am still blown away. Full review here with swatches and pictures. 



  1. Love all of your picks lovely! I am obsessed with the MUR Heart Highlighters, I want them to bring out a Champagne Pop dupe one asap! xxx

    1. I have you to thank for the MUR highlighter :o) xxx

  2. Great photos and nice dish ;)
    That MUG shadow looks insane x


    1. I knew you would love that dish, you should get one. :o) Haha!

      MUG sooooo good. xx

  3. i've heard so much about the makeup revolution highlighter, it looks so pretty!

    love katy @ The Rawrdrobe x

    1. It is so good and for the price, a must have. xxxx


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