22 April 2016

Food: Celeriac Patas Bravas Recipe

Patas Bravas are just delicious, most people don't bother making this well loved Spanish dish at home. I do get it's more of a dish that's ate when people eat out - or on holiday. They are so, so easy to make though, so I thought I would share my recipe. 

I have made this version a hell of a lot lower in fat, due to substituting potatoes for celeriac.

Celeriac Patas Bravas


1 whole celeriac 
Tablespoon of dried rosemary 
A tablespoon of Olive Oil
Half a carton of passata 
3 crushed cloves of garlic
2 tablespoon of mayonnaise (extra light)
Half the juice of a lemon
Half a bunch of chopped parsley
Salt & Pepper


1) Peel and chop the celeriac into square bite sized chunks, around 2cm by 2cm.

2) To a roasting dish add the olive oil and the celeriac, coat all pieces with a spoon.

3) Sprinkle the rosemary and salt and pepper over, and shake the dish so all the chunks are coated.

4) Add to a hot oven, around 200 degrees, and cook for 50 minutes. Half way through the 50 minutes, open and shake the tray, just to make sure no pieces of celeriac have stuck to the dish.

5. In a pan add the passata and garlic, salt and pepper and simmer on low for 5 minutes.

6) Add the mayonnaise to a bowl, add the fresh lemon juice and parsley and mix well.

7) Remove celeriac from oven, they should be golden brown. Transfer to a plate,  dollop both the passata sauce and the mayonnaise over the top, and garnish with parsley.

These are just amazing, and so worth a try. You could serve alone, with fish or chicken or as part of a tapas meal.  Do you like the sound of them?

They are only 8 SmartPoints for the whole portion and serve two. You could ditch the olive oil to make it even lower in fat,  but it brings so much to the dish in regards to adding flavour to the celeriac and helping it roast -  personally I feel it is worth the added calories and fat.

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