29 April 2016

Beauty: DGJ Organics Argan Oil Hair Range Review

I like to switch up my hair-care products, and had recently got stuck in a rut using the same products for months on end.  I had seen DGJ Organics Hair Products* doing the rounds online, and this particular range sounded right up my street.  

DGJ Organic Argan Oil Hair Review

The Argan Oil range is specifically targeted for those who have coloured, and unmanageable hair damaged by heat. Ticks all thee boxes!!

 Argan oil has really taken off as late, and is now used in a lot of hair products on the market. It helps prevent split ends, control frizz, help make hair shiny, and repair damaged hair.

I have been using all three products for three weeks now, and here are my thoughts.

 The packaging is visually appealing and the dispenser click and squirt top on the shampoo and conditioner is easy to use. The smell is so uplifting and reminds me of being at a spa, with a light nutty aroma. The colour is an off white shade, and the texture of the shampoo and conditioner is silky to touch.The shampoo lathers up well, so you feel like your hair is having a deep clean.

The conditioner is a a little firmer and richer in texture, which is my favourite type as it feels like it is nourishing and treating the hair.

My hair is long, very thick, coloured, with a lot of fly away hairs -  that appear frizzy and dry around the root area. So this is what my main hang up was, and one I wanted sorting out pronto. 

My favourite of all the three products, is the Argan Oil. I think this is because I can see the results instantly, and I like what I see.

It is a clear, light oil that has a more intense scent than the shampoo and conditioner. I bloomin adore it. I use a 10p sized blob, and run through the whole of my hair from root to tip really light handed, and style as usual. The fly aways around my roots have considerably lessoned as the oil is swooshing them all down, helping my hair to appear shiny and sleek. As I really suffer with dry fly always around the root, I also use a tiny 5p sized blob after styling, and pat really lightly around the root area - and then brush through.

The ingredients aren't all organic, as you would think from the name, but for me this isn't an issue. 

I am three weeks in, and there is still a lot of product left in each, and for under £20 for all three products - well I will 100% be investing once they run out. This range is particular perfect for anyone who has dry and damaged hair, as each product offers a lot of nourishment and moisture to the hair. 

Have you tried any products from DGJ Organics I would love to hear your thoughts, I am currently eyeing up the children's range - for my little rascal.

You can visit the DGJ Organics site here or Waitrose also stock the range, with some great deals on at the mo. 

*PR Sample.



  1. Ooh it sounds like such a lovely range! I love anything with Argan Oil in xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie


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