20 April 2016

Lifestyle: Dealing With The Bad Days.

We all go through hard and sad times in this lifetime, some more than others.
Sad and bad things happen in this world that we cant explain, and they can make us feel incredibly down.

Bringing this back to a more personal context, what do we do when people, or circumstances upset us, or make us angry?

Do the best with what you have been dealt: 

Now I know this isn't what we want to hear when we are down, been treated badly, received bad news or depressed, but it can be used to our advantage. To try and switch ourselves to this mind-set, and reflect on the good that is in our life, at that present moment, it helps us feel more grateful for the good, and positive things in our life. Our parents, partner, children, family or friends? Job, achievements, health, or future plans.

I bet from that whole list we can pick out some pretty wonderful people, and things that make us smile. By remembering it's just a bad day, not a bad life, and focusing on the positive things in our lives, and as often as possible, in a short time we will see our mood, and overall out-look improve. 

Everything happens for a reason: People, jobs and other life-factors come and go - it`s part and parcel of life. One door closes, and another one opens, all sayings we know well - and are true.

Everything that happens in our lives, good or bad, equips us with tools and coping mechanisms for the future. We underestimate ourselves, and when hard times arise - we always surprise ourselves with how calm and strong we are? Do you agree? Think back to when something bad, or sad happened? We survived? We are still here? So we shouldn't be scared of anything, no matter what happens - we will be okay.

Cry, scream, shout. Let it out: We are allowed a bad day to just feel down, and cry for the loss, sadness and anger we may feel. It`s only natural, we wouldn't enjoy the good days, if we didn't know what the bad days felt like- so we should not beat ourselves up for having that bad day.

We could try and make sure it`s only the odd day though, we could try and let anger, sadness or any hurt we are feeling spend less time in our lives, and embrace the amazing people, and life we are lucky to have.
Never argue when angry or hurt: Easily said than done, but once you do it once, well it`s an eye-opener. It`s natural to have different opinions and outlooks in life, we are not always going to agree with our family and friends, (be pretty boring if we all thought the same things), but we do have to respect other peoples opinions. (Within reason of course).

Keeping our dignity and self-respect by walking away, and calming down, lets us look at things more clearly. We can then go and state our case when we are calmer, have a clearer mind and in a much more positive place. If the issues are still there, and can't be resolved, then leave, walk away, and move on.

Do something we enjoy, wear our favourite shoes, visit our favourite place for a walk - or root out our favourite lipstick smear it on, and go and see our friends or family for a dinner date. 

Life is far to short and precious to carry around unnecessary anger or hurt.

What are your tips for dealing with a bad day?

(Side note: this post does not apply to individuals who are dealing with bereavement, deep depression, illness or any horrific tragedies in their lives -(though parts of this post may be helpful). If you are struggling to deal with any of the above, please seek medical advice, or talk to someone you trust. Lots of love.)

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