17 May 2016

Beauty: Getting Rid Of Spots

So the majority of us have all been there, it's not a happy place when the little rascals pay us a visit. If you ain't been there, well sorry you are now banished from the post! (Joke, am just jel).

I have been doing something different for the past 7 weeks now, and thought I would share. 

My skin has been completely clear, radiant and blemish free for around 4 weeks. So the changes started to show after doing all the below for 3 weeks.

getting rid ofs pots

I have tried every skincare treatment under the sun, and nothing has ever really made any drastic changes to the problems I was facing - which were: 
  • Outbreaks of angry under the skin cyst like spots around my chin area, and a load of large whiteheads living alongside them.

  • Dehydrated skin, which resulted in fine lines looking pretty much like full blown wrinkles, and skin appeared so dull, due to the dehydration issues.

Drinking Water: 

For years my Mamma has told me that drinking lots of water is key to her flawless skin. Three litres of bottled water has passed my lips every day for 7 weeks now.  I set myself targets throughout the day to keep on top of it. My skin is a lot less dehydrated, it looks so much more healthier and fine lines are less prominent. Such an obvious tip, but the majority of us don't drink enough. I know I wasn't, but then thought some £40 miracle cream would help me instead, it never.

Vitamin Supplements:

I have been taking the following vitamins every day.

Starflower Oil Capsules: Studies show that Starflower oil helps to balance hormone levels and symptoms of PMS, so as you can imagine it is particularly perfect for people who suffer with hormonal acne.  I got them on eBay, a pack of 30 was around £6 with delivery.

Zinc Supplements: Zinc is great for helping to heal and rejuvenate skin, it promotes cell production which assists in reducing the amount of natural oil your skin produces. Now we all know what spots are. Oil clogged in pores, the less oil floating about the better huh? I pick mine up at Superdrug.

Organic Moringa Powder: Packed with Vitamin A and E it helps the skin in so many ways - improving skin condition, reduces dryness, fine lines and premature ageing. You may have seen it used in skincare like the famous, Emma Hardie Moringa Balm. I bought at Bulk Powders, was around £2.99

 Complete Multivitamin Powder: Now this has 33 vitamins in, but the highest quantities are calcium, (helps skin cell renewal) magnesium (helps DNA replication)  and Vitamin C (helps boost collagen and improve the skins natural healing process). Again Bulk Powders around £6.

Now I know it sounds a little lengthy, but the powders I put in my morning shake, with some water and banana. The capsules I take of a night, while I do my other skincare bits and bobs. It is that easy. 

Stripping Back My Skincare Products:

I go for a LED light therapy facial once a month, which has been a huge contribution to my skins improvement. Carla at Skintilate is just a fountain of skincare knowledge, and basically she thought I was maybe using too many products. She said maybe all the skincare products was clogging my pores, hence the continuous outbreaks - and really large whiteheads.

Maybe it was time to let my skin breathe?

I decided to strip back my skincare routine, the following is a general breakdown.

Morning: Light cleanse,(Soap & Glory Peaches & Cream) Eye cream (Clarins Eye Contour Balm) and moisturiser (Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream). I alternated this with Clarins Multi Active Serum every other day

NightTime: Double cleanse (Body Shop Camomile Butter & Clearasil Blemish Wash) Eye cream, (Clarins Eye Contour Balm) and then a facial oil around my forehead, nose and cheeks, and once again alternated with a serum every other night.

I completely stayed away from my chin area. I felt it has a pretty good job getting all clogged up alone, with spots and whiteheads.

Once a week in the morning I used Pixi Tonic to exfoliate my skin, and help shed any dead-skin. I also used the Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Pads once a week of a night. I used a hydrating face mask once a week (Sephora Sheet Mask or Star Sheet Mask)  to pump some extra hydration in, and an exfoliating face mask (GlamGlow Exfoliating Mud) once a week to help, once again with revitalising and shedding dead skin cells.

So if you are still reading, (yup I rambled on a bit) I hope you found this post helpful.

 I am sure a spot will pop by again, but for now well I am just embracing that my skin is like it used be.

Spot free.




  1. I need to get ordering! How else could you take the powder? I don't do shakes! xx

    1. Haha in any type of drinks love, or in your food. Xxx


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