17 May 2016

Happy to be Alive!

It can be so, so, so, so easy to get stuck in a rut, and to forget the one obvious amazing aspect of our life - how incredibly lucky it is to be alive, and live another day with the people we love. 
A bit dramatic yes, but tis true!

"I opened two gifts this morning, they were my eyes"

How beautiful is that quote? I seen this and it sparked so much inspiration, and got me thinking on a really deep level and typing, really fast........

To wake up and be thankful for all that we have: 
To put some time aside to remember the precious things we have in our life, and reflect on them each morning is sure to make us super happy, grateful, thankful and help us nail the day ahead. To take a couple of minutes each morning to sit, reflect and appreciate the simple things. The roof over our head,  the food we eat, the job we have, the family that loves us  - well this makes us the richest people in the world. Taking these couple of minutes to be in the present moment each morning, and remember to be thankful for these simple joys -  is crucial to us feeling true happiness.

Waking up a little earlier each morning:  
Avoiding the common morning rush - it works wonders. It helps us feel calmer, be more prepared for the day ahead and happier. Feeling rushed, stressed, basically running round like a headless chicken, leaves us feeling all fuzzy, and contributes to feeling's of anxiety and stress. Even though I really, really struggle with getting up in the morning, rising 40 minutes earlier than usual of a morning works absolute wonders. I ate breakfast, had a flicker through a magazine,  made a packed lunch, and even managed to brush my hair this morning. Winning!

Set an aim for the day:
It can be a small thing like eat better, plan a trip, work on a hobby, message a friend who you haven't spoken to for a while, or something bigger like plan a new hobby, or helping another. Each day, to try and do better than we did yesterday, gives us a great sense of personal growth, and accomplishment. 

What are your tips for starting the day with a bang, lashing your positive socks on - and having a bash at nailing life?



  1. It's true that every day we usually all take things for granted that we would be so devastated without! I love the idea of setting an aim for the day as well, and I love the idea that the aim for the day can just be something small :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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