21 May 2016

Food: Nutty Coconut Bark Recipe

Oh hiya sunshine!! Just kidding, where has it gone??? So envisioned posting this on a hot sunny day.

My little boy loves this nutty bark, and I do agree it's so tasty. Especially as it is so easy, and only a handful of ingredients are needed.

Lets get cracking!

nutty coconut bark recipe

Nutty Coconut Bark


500g Low Fat Coconut Yoghurt
100g mixed nuts & raisins
15g Rainbow Sprinkles


1) To a large bowl add yoghurt and nuts and raisins,  stir so it is mixed well together.

2) To a large flat plate add a sheet of baking parchment, so the whole area is covered.

3) Spoon the yoghurt mixture all over the plate, so it is all covered. Scatter the rainbow sprinkles  over.

4) Freeze for 4 hours.

5) Take from freezer, and with a sharp knife cut into pizza style slices.

Eat straight away before it melts.

How easy is that? This is perfect for them sunny days, (yeah we hope they will be back soon) and a great low fat snack.

The whole recipe comes to 20 Smartpoints, and I managed to get 5 large slices, so 4 Smartpoints for each large slice.

Do you think you will try?



  1. I love the sound of this - it's so healthy yet looks so yummy : ) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. That looks delicious! Especially with the coconut yoghurt. I would have to physically restrain myself from devouring the whole block!

    Claudia xx


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