24 May 2016

Beauty: Skinova Acropass Eyezone Care Patches Review & Giveaway

Today I am going to be chatting about the Acropass EYEZONE CARE* patches.

I was so excited to try these,  I only use an eye cream, and I have never used any type of patch before. At the moment my eye area is in good nick, and I have never really suffered with any bags, fine lines or puffiness. But after a couple of late nights, a month or so ago with nights out, being poorly and working a lot, well damn, my eye area did start to look, and feel a little out of sorts. 

Then these landed on my desk. What perfect timing?

acropass eyezone review

The first thing that stood out for me was the packaging. A sturdy white box that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I could so see these in a sparkly glass case, on display at some posh high-end spa.

There is 4 large packets housed in the box, again the packaging has a very high end feel. You peel away the top, and inside is a plastic tray with the patches in.

The main ingredient in the patches is hyaluronic acid, which I love in skincare. The benefits include aiding tissue repair and hydration. Our body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, but as we get older this depreciates. 

 To use, you peel away the white packaging around the patch attach to under the eye, and then press lightly. The patches have tiny needles on, (waaaaa)  but don't fret they do not hurt in any way. They feel more like raised bumps than anything sharp.It is a strange sensation, one I have never felt before. The bumps then penetrate into the skin, and then after 30 seconds any sensation you feel has gone. There after you feel like you have a smooth patch on.

 These needles (lets say bumps), are used so that the epidermis can be penetrated, and the hyaluronic acid can pass through the skin barrier. 

acropass eyezone review

Skinova advise to leave these on over night, use twice a week, and for a four week period. With a single set offering the skin 30ml (a standard full bottle) of hyaluronic acid serum, to the area. This feels like a professional skincare treatment - but all in the comfort of your own home.

The patches have a similar effect as micro-needling does, as it helps stimulate the production of collagen in the skin - but without the discomfort or side effects.

Now onto the good stuff, the verdict. I really like them. I could not keep them on all night, I woke around 4am and peeled them off. I hate anything stuck like this on my skin, eyelashes, false nails, etc, well they never stay on long.  I had them on for around 8 hours on average, which for me is a real achievement. They are not uncomfortable in any way. They feel light, and not heavy around the area, and don't budge about. With this, they can slightly pull on the skin when removing. But once again nothing uncomfortable. Just take it slow, and they will remove fine.

The next morning I would see an impressive improvement to the skin around the eye, every time I used. For me, the eye area appeared smoother, hydrated - in a way that made it appear brighter. These would be perfect to use the night before an event, or if you have had a string of late nights, and the eye area needs some extra special TLC.

So how about trying them for yourselves?

Yes it is GIVEAWAY time! Just enter below, for a chance to win a set.

Skinova have lots of information on their site, that you can find here if you fancied a nose.

Skinova Acropass patch #8


*P.R Sample

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