03 January 2017

Ways to Stay Positive in January

The beginning of January, well the majority of us are ready to get back into our routines.
Full to the brim with all the gorgeous factors the festivities bring, a New Year screams a new start.

Then 2 weeks into January, BOOM well reality is back with a bang, and a lot of people suffer with a mild who am I kidding (severe) case of January blues.

So what can we do to beat them?

Book a Holiday: Planning a trip however big or small, gives you something to look forward to. Planning the trip keeps you busy, and if you are anything like me it makes me SO happy when I know I have a holiday or trip on the horizon.

Presents: The majority of us are really lucky and get some wonderful gifts at Christmas, January is the time to take full advantage of them. Personally I will be indulging in all my bath goodies, lighting all my candles, then settling down to read the mound of books I received.

Have a Clear Out: January is a quiet month on the whole, people are all partied and spent out. It's cold outside and we all hibernate. This is the time to sort wardrobes, cupboards, and our life out! The mounds of gifts from Christmas pile up. Our houses are bursting at the seams. It's the perfect time to sort through everything, and sell or donate any unused clothes and items.

Pamper: I usually save any gift vouchers I receive and and use them in January. Facial, nails, hair, meal out? A trip to town shopping. They are all activities that give us the feel good factor.

Gratitude: Last but no means least, GRATITUDE. Grabbing a pen and paper each night, and writing down 10 things that made you happy that day, naturally lifts our mood.
Reflecting on the wonderful Christmas that was had with family and friends, and also focusing on the good that each day brings will naturally give us all the happy feels.

(I plan to take a trip to Max Speilmann and get all my photos from Christmas developed, and make some frames up, it will be fun, keep me busy and make the house look pretty! Win, win!)

I hope you have a great January, and remember stay cosy and warm sugar pips!


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  1. LOVED this! I am determined to make this a good year, PMA and all that xxx


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